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This is a rare original, matching numbers, Works Car. 

Allard made an estimated 70 cars with most exported to the States with US servicemen returning home. Allard is still a revered name in historic racing.

Sydney Allard, the company founder, was a British entrepreneur who ran a Ford dealership in Clapham London, he had motoring competition in his blood. He won the Monte Carlo Rally, came third in Le Mans and became British Hillclimbs Champion all in his own Allard cars! 

The Palm Beach model was designed as an advanced, powerful, production car suitable for both road and competition use. 

Being a main agent for Ford since before the War it made sense to base his designs on Ford components wherever possible. In the case of the Palm Beach the heart of the Car was the new over-square six cylinder Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Straight six engine with huge tuning potential. 

The chassis was bang up to date as a multi-tube space frame with coil springs and tubular dampers at all four corners. Ford drum brakes, hubs, steering, back axle and gearbox were utilised.

The body is hand built all aluminium shell on mild steel sheet formers. 

The barchetta design, similar to the Ferrari 166 was fashionable at the time. 

This car, chassis no 21Z5169, was made in 1955 when Mk1 production ceased. It was not registered until 1957 when it was the last Palm Beach to leave the factory and then exported to South Africa. 

Between 1955 and 1957 the car was retained by the Works to be used as a Prototype Test / Demonstrator car on Works plates. This is supported by the engine and gearbox which are very special. 

The engine no, 21P2498X, indicates it is a Ford Pre-production / Experimental unit. Along with the 4 speed gear box ( standard production boxes at the time were only 3 speed.) 

Ford supported Allard in competitions and this power pack came from 917AVX The Jack Welch prepared Ford Zephyr Mk1 that Sydney Allard entered into the 1955 Monte Carlo Rally and was transferred to the Palm Beach before its sale. 

Allard successful entries for international competition brought Ford much valued publicity and were partly responsible for changing their image from a rather staid family car to something more exciting for the up and coming young executive.

This particular car was designed for road rallying. In addition to the improved engine and gearbox, there is a full width glass windscreen, complete with wipers, washers, hood, side-screens, navigation station inc flexible light and stopwatch. There are two competition bucket seats( the standard car has a bench seat), period Bluemel Brooklands steering wheel, an extra large fuel tank with a single rapid filler (the standard car has two small tanks with separate fillers). For track use the windscreen may be easily removed and replaced by the two aeroscreens .

This car has recently been completely stripped and restored, The chassis, suspension and main components were in remarkably good condition due, no doubt to spending its life in dry climates, South Africa, Spain, etc. 

All serviceable parts were replaced by new together with wiring, brake and fuel pipes ,brake master and slave cylinders, etc. The engine was refitted with refurbished SU carbs on the rare Aquaplane inlet manifold together with a new multi pipe free-flow exhaust system. The aluminium body has had a complete bare metal respray, The cockpit and boot carpets have been replaced together with the door cards. The seats are brand new to period specification. The wire wheels and tyres have been replaced.

This is a truly historic car and being an original exWorks car with matching numbers, presented in restored condition. Makes this a real piece of motoring history.

The car is featured in:-

  • Thoroughbred and Classic Cars – April 1983
  • The Allard Gold Portfolio – Page 170
  • The Allard Owners Cub Magazine No4 2016 – Hero of the Portugal to U.K run
  • Recent 6 page article in September 2109 Classic cars issue 554


Would you like to view or test-drive this car?

Please call us on: 01992 573 564 / 07711 630 348, or fill out the form below.