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Oldsmobile 442 Convertible


This is a genuine 1969 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 Convertible. 

The 4-4-2 name derives from the original set up of the first car that debuted in 1964. 

The set up was just that, a 4 barrel carb, 4 speed transmission and dual exhaust, pretty much everything desired on your first generation muscle cars. 

Many people, even to this day, think that 442 is the cubic displacement of the motor but in reality Oldsmobile never made a 442 CID motor, they did however make this a 400 cubic inch big block and in 1965 it was the motor of choice for the Cutlass 442 cars. 

Being that you could also get an automatic the 4-4-2 stood for 400 CID, 4 barrel, dual exhaust and sales steadily rose through the first generations 4 year span topping out at a tad over 25,000 units. 

The 1968 model year would see the 4-4-2 become its own model and not just an option any longer. 

This numbers matching ’69 is a great example of these timeless machines, the only significant difference between this year and the ’68 is the “divisional tooth” between the grilles which had the 4-4-2 going right down the middle. 

This ’69 has gone through a complete restoration with a stack of receipts and even some pictures to show the progress. 

Taking I’m told years to complete there appears not a screw that went unturned given the way it drives. 

Originally purchased on 10/20/69 for a whopping 3200 dollars which included sales tax ,license, title and even a dollar for uninsured fund, of which all is listed on the original bill of sale adding to the authenticity of this rare collectible. 

With only some 8,800 miles on the build since its completion you can tell this beauty has been pampered since its restoration. 

The Wimbeldon white with black outlined racing stripes looks just as it did when it left the factory over 50 years ago. 

The black vinyl top not only works flawlessly but looks great against the coachwork. 

Pop the hood and the 350 HP 400 cid motor looks right at home especially with the period correct gold paint on the block and valve covers. 

Mated up to the original turbo 400 gear box this is one of the easiest driving big block muscle cars I have ever driven. With the huge amount of torque being produced these 4-4-2’s were known for laying down plenty of rubber in their day…!!!. 

What this car was really made for is top down cruising in my opinion and this one executes that perfectly. 

The redline tires add to the nostalgia but with the luxury of power steering and power brakes you might forget you’re in a 50 year old classic. 

Options on this 1969 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 Convertible include; AM/FM radio, Power convertible top, power steering, black vinyl interior, seat belts, and Radial tires with Factory Rally Wheels.

I’ve owned more classic American cars than I can remember but can honestly say this is one of the finest driving cars of its era I’ve had the pleasure of owning and more importantly driving.


Would you like to view or test-drive this car?

Please call us on: 01992 573 564 / 07711 630 348, or fill out the form below.